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With the VGo telepresence solution, an individual’s presence is replicated in a distant location such that they can interact and perform tasks in ways not previously possible.  VGo enables: healthcare providers to deliver lower cost services and improved quality of care, businesses to increase productivity of remote and traveling employees, and homebound students to attend school – all with a great user experience and at an affordable price. 
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The Patient Information Exchange

The Patient Information Exchange platform is a powerful suite of solutions that work to help healthcare organizations streamline operations and achieve Meaningful Use.  This solution connects with all native and legacy information systems and is configurable to meet your organization’s unique needs.  While each of our solutions can stand alone, they are even better together. Learn more…


QC Pathfinder

QC PathFinder supports and enhances infection prevention initiatives in individual hospitals and multi-facility health systems across the country.  Users access QC PathFinder on web-enabled devices.   This allows IPs, nurses, pharmacists, and doctors to revive alerts and get information on their tablets and smart phones as they go about their normal routines.   Reports that used to take hours to create now can be generated in seconds. Learn more…


Meet the Fleet

Vecna’s® robotic logistics solutions are a family of autonomous mobile robots, built to operate within human-centric environments.  These hard-working robots are capable of handling up to 4500kg while rapidly and safely responding to dynamic environments.  In addition, these free agents are team players — they coordinate on their own and report problems as soon as they arise.  This team of robots is prepared to take on logistics tasks in healthcare, fulfillment, manufacturing, warehousing, hospitality, and beyond. Learn more…

For the Hospital

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 For the Warehouse

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