Veterans Affairs Uses Vecna Medical’s QC PathFinder® Software to Compare Regional and Institutional Antibiograms

CAMBRIDGE, MA – The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) presented at SHEA 2011 Annual Scientific Meeting in Dallas, TX results from a study that explored the possibility of using regional antibiograms at the facility level. Smaller health care facilities, like many individual VA medical centers, often lack sufficient data to generate institutional antibiograms. Antibiograms are used by clinicians to choose early and appropriate antibiotics for patients. The project, which was conducted by VA’s Office of Public Health Surveillance and Research (OPHSR), and presented by Dr. Patricia Schirmer, MD, utilized antibiograms generated by Vecna Medical’s QC PathFinder® electronic infection surveillance software and showed that in many cases regional antibiograms can be used at the facility level. The abstract of this research can be found at the SHEA Conference web site. QC PathFinder® is the VA’s enterprise-wide infection surveillance software. Since 2007, Vecna Medical has been collaborating with OPHSR on the Healthcare Associated Infection and Influenza Surveillance System (HAIISS) program to develop advanced methods in infection surveillance and antimicrobial stewardship. QC PathFinder® is a web-based software that automatically collects and analyzes laboratory, pharmacy, and other clinical data in real-time to detect infections and adverse drug events. “The collaboration effort we have with OPHSR has been key to developing functionalities that are VA-specific and to building a technology platform that can successfully support an enterprise-wide deployment,” says Ron Urwongse, Vecna’s QC PathFinder® Product Manager and Program Manager.

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