Vecna’s Veterans: A Partnership with Deeper Ties

CAMBRIDGE, MA – A proud partner of the VA, Vecna Medical is committed to providing excellent healthcare solutions to the Veterans who have served and defended our country.

Achieving excellence in providing these services is uniquely and personally significant for three of Vecna’s employees: Tim Collins, John Donnell, and Ayatollah Whiteman-Best. Tim, John, and Ayatollah are Veterans of the US Armed Forces, and they each take pride in Vecna’s partnership with the VA.

Tim Collins, Vecna’s Cambridge Campus Facility Manager, served six years in the US Navy, entering the Navy’s Advanced Electronics Program upon enlisting. He learned to program binary computers during training. He remarks, “That’s about as far back as you can go in the history of digital equipment!” Even though he has always enjoyed working with tools and mechanical equipment, Tim began to hone these technical abilities in the Navy. He observes that although there were challenging aspects of his military service, “the memories of those days have now become some of my fondest. Without a doubt my experiences in the armed forces have shaped almost every aspect of my professional life. Above all, the military is where I learned to serve.”

In his current role as Vecna’s Facility Manager, Tim finds satisfaction and fulfillment similar to what he experienced in the Navy. He says, “Here at Vecna I have once again found the level of challenges and excitement I remember experiencing during my military service. The most rewarding part of serving with the team at Vecna is that it provides me with the opportunity to give something back. It is an honor to work for a company that serves the Veterans Administration by helping to improve the service our Veterans experience at VA hospitals and facilities across America.”

John Donnell also reflects upon his service in the military with fondness. He describes his time in the US Army as “a topic that is near and dear to my heart.” John states, “My tenure in the Signal Corp taught me loyalty, teamwork, honesty, and integrity. It is these qualities that I find at Vecna on a daily basis.”

As a key member of Vecna’s sales team, John sees how these qualities translate into the superior benefits and services that Vecna’s solutions provide to Veterans and patients across the country. He asserts, “My Army career always had a mission, and the same can be said at Vecna. While I was in the service, I always felt that helping others who needed it was a top priority. At Vecna I feel that same sensitivity when it comes to lending a hand to those in need.”

A Veteran of the Marine Corps, Ayatollah Whiteman-Best brings a strong sense of discipline and camaraderie to his work on Vecna’s manufacturing team. Ayatollah credits his four years in the Marine Corps with helping him develop a sense of direction and with enabling him to empathize with the Veterans who receive medical attention at VA facilities.

Grateful not to have been wounded during his service as a Marine, Ayatollah remarks of his friends and comrades who suffered various injuries, “These are men and women who risked and sacrificed their lives and their families’ lives, and we’re doing our part as Americans to help them.” He goes on to say, “After you [leave military service], you value your life more and what the country stands for, and the reason why I like working here is that the kiosks I’m in charge of building and whose quality I am checking for the VA hospitals assist the men and women who have risked and sacrificed their lives. I like that the products I work with actually help Veterans. I feel like I’m doing my part even though I’m out of the military now.”


Vecna Medical and the Department of Veterans Affairs

Vecna was selected in 2010 as the winner of the VA’s National Patient Kiosk Program contract. Through this contract Vecna’s patient registration technology will be rolled out to over 800 Veterans Administration medical centers (VAMCs) and community-based outpatient clinics (CBOCs) located in the US, the Caribbean, and the Pacific Rim. The project will extend through 2015. Vecna’s hardware is proudly assembled in the US. Learn more at