Vecna’s Bear™ Robot to Appear in Zoot Pictures'”Remote Control War”Documentary

Cambridge, MA, – Vecna Robotic’s Bear robot, the strongest humanoid robot in the world, will be making a guest appearance in the Zoot Pictures documentary “Remote Control War,” slated for an early 2011 release in association with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s flagship documentary series, “Doc Zone.” “Remote Control War” focuses on the implications of a new war-fighting approach in which human operators in the U.S. and its allies pilot robotic drones and tanks in battlefields on the other side of the world in Afghanistan and Pakistan. This new era of minimal human risk and maximum military advantage anticipates future battles where robot warriors lead the charge. Bear’s role as one of the few humanoid robots strong enough to do the work of humans secures it a unique position among the rank and file of war-fighting robots, many of which are small Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) and unmanned reconnaissance aircraft. For Bear, advances in artificial intelligence may soon enable it to take orders from human commanders and complete missions on its own; for now, it will operate under remote control by dedicated Army and Navy specialists. “Robots will forever alter the face of war in many ways,” says Daniel Theobald, Vecna CTO, “We’re anticipating the day when the high cost of war refers to the price of spare parts rather than the lives of U.S. troops and their allies. On that day, Bear will be out there on the front lines.”

About Vecna Robotics

Vecna Robotics is dedicated to the development of robotic systems that serve the needs of mankind in military, healthcare, and commercial applications. Vecna’s flagship robot, the Bear™, is the most powerful humanoid robot in the world. Other Vecna Robotics products include QC Bot™, a hospital delivery robot with autonomous navigation capability; Simpedia™, a high-fidelity model-based dynamic physics simulation environment; NRV™, a state-of-the-art autonomous robot control system; and Vecna’s mobile, real-time NCBM biohazard detection system. Vecna Robotics is a division of Vecna Technologies, Inc. Learn more at Vecna Robotics