Bear™ Robot Featured in TV Tokyo’s Survey of the US Robotics Industry

CAMBRIDGE, MA — Vecna’s Bear robot, the strongest humanoid robot in the world, continues to impress in yet another TV appearance. This time, a crew from TV Tokyo, one of Japan’s six major broadcasting channels, traveled across the globe to visit Vecna.

TV Tokyo paid a visit to Vecna’s Cambridge Research Laboratory to see Vecna’s robots in person, including the Bear and QC BotTM, an autonomous delivery robot that is attracting attention from hospitals and healthcare institutions. Daniel Theobald, Vecna’s Chief Technology Officer and President, talked with TV Tokyo about both robots’ history, current status, and role in propelling Vecna to the forefront of US robotics industry.

“Vecna’s mission is to design and develop advanced robotics that solve tough, real-world problems,” said Mr. Theobald. “Whether in dangerous operations like the cleanup of reactors or working collaboratively alongside humans in logistic operations, robots have significant potential to make the world a better place.”