Vecna’s Bear™ Robot Featured in the Economist and Scheduled to Appear in”Modern Marvels”Episode”Weird Machines”

CAMBRIDGE, MA — Vecna’s Bear Robot, the strongest humanoid robot in the world, was featured in March 10th issue of the Economist and will be making its second appearance on the History Channel’s Modern Marvels program in an upcoming episode called “Weird Machines,” scheduled to air sometime late this month or early April. Modern Marvels examines the ways in which technology fundamentally changes the world and our daily lives, covering a broad range of topics from science and engineering to food and agriculture. The episode “Weird Machines” will focus on the unique and unusual technologies developed by inventors to solve everyday problems in unexpected ways. Television and movies commonly anthropomorphize robots, assuming they are as capable as humans across the spectrum of mundane tasks we perform without a second thought: picking up coffee cups, walking through doorways, running down stairs to catch an arriving train. The reality of current robots is much less sensational — nearly all robots in use today are designed around a single purpose, acting essentially as automated tools. Bear, on the other hand, was intended from its conception as the first of a new generation of multipurpose, generally capable robots that can work alongside humans. “The future of robotics is smart, powerful robots that can autonomously navigate and manipulate complex objects in unstructured environments,” said Vecna’s CTO Daniel Theobald.  “Vecna has been tackling many of the hardest problems in robotics, and more importantly is solving them.  I am proud of the work being done by our talented and dedicated team of engineers.  The passion they bring to this field is impressive and it is clear that this is just the beginning of a long line of technological break-throughs.”

About Vecna Robotics

Vecna Robotics is dedicated to the development of robotic systems that serve the needs of mankind in military, healthcare, and commercial applications. Vecna’s flagship robot, the Bear™, is the most powerful humanoid robot in the world. Other Vecna Robotics products include QC Bot™, a hospital delivery robot with autonomous navigation capability; Simpedia™, a high-fidelity model-based dynamic physics simulation environment; NRV™, a state-of-the-art autonomous robot control system; and Vecna’s mobile, real-time NCBM biohazard detection system. Vecna Robotics is a division of Vecna Technologies, Inc. Learn more at Vecna Robotics