Vecna Sponsors WPI Career Fair

CAMBRIDGE, MA – Vecna participated in the Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) 2012 Career Fair, held on WPI campus in Worcester, MA. Billed as the school’s largest career fair to date, this event provided an excellent opportunity for Vecna’s recruiting team to interact with prospective candidates and answer questions. 

Vecna was eager to participate in this WPI event because many current Vecna team members are WPI alumni. These team members include Ben Laverriere, Adam Teti, and Andrew Keefe, who all agree that their experiences at WPI prepared them for full-time employment at Vecna.

Ben, a graduate of the class of 2011, joined Vecna as a Software Engineer. He says,  “Looking back, the time I spent working on group projects was the probably the most valuable preparation for what I now do at Vecna. In the end, the particular technical content of my program wasn’t the important thing; rather, knowing how to take on new problems and find solutions has been the skill that has been most valuable to me.”

Adam, WPI Class of ’08, agrees that WPI trained him to find solutions and to be proactive. “WPI prepares its students to solve real-world problems in industry. This commitment to application exemplifies WPI’s motto, ‘Theory and Practice.’ Vecna is growing and expanding into larger markets, and that expansion brings the challenge of creating quality products in large quantity. WPI teaches students to face that challenge head on.” In his role on the mechanical engineering team, Adam enjoys drawing on knowledge gained during his undergraduate years. “At Vecna I am able to use all of the skills I learned from WPI and apply them to products that will help people all over the world.”

Creating meaningful and purposeful products is also important to Andrew, Class of ’03. While earning his degree at WPI, Andrew spent two months in Thailand installing a solar power system for a tribal village school. That service-oriented background has proven useful in his current work as an electrical engineer helping to redesign the power system for Vecna’s CliniPAKTM mobile triage unit. Andrew says, “Like my project in Thailand, the CliniPAK power system is solar-based. I have enjoyed working on the CliniPAK healthcare solution because it improves patient records and data accuracy in rural, under-served clinics and communities.”

Because of WPI’s educational approach to practical application and problem-solving, Vecna’s Recruiting Director, Len Cabeceiras, affirms that WPI graduates have proven a great fit for the company. Len notes, “We were very excited to attend WPI’s career fair for the first time this year. We have multiple WPI alumni on the Vecna team, and we’d be happy to add more.”

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