Vecna Robotics to Exhibit New Products at NDIA Ground Robotics Conference

CAMBRIDGE, MA — Vecna Robotics will showcase a number of new and innovative robotic technologies at the National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA) Ground Robotics Conference on March 22–24, 2011. The conference draws key players from the defense robotics industry, academia, and government to showcase innovative technologies and share ideas that better equip soldiers and domestic first responders. This year’s conference is focused on unmanned robotic systems and is uniquely aligned with Vecna’s ongoing, cutting–edge development of semi– and fully autonomous ground robotic systems. Vecna expects to demonstrate a broad range of products including mobile hydraulics, versatile end effectors and an advanced autonomous navigation systems. “Autonomy is definitely the critical enabling capability for robotic force multiplication and protection,” said Daniel Theobald, Vecna’s President and CTO. “Vecna sees autonomous robotic operation, ranging from operator–supervised unit maneuvers to fully independent ISR (intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance) missions, is essential for providing value. We’re excited to exhibit our latest technologies at this conference.”

About Vecna Robotics

Vecna Robotics is dedicated to the development of robotic systems that serve the needs of mankind in military, healthcare, and commercial applications. Vecna’s flagship robot, the Bear™, is the most powerful humanoid robot in the world. Other Vecna Robotics products include QC Bot™, a hospital delivery robot with autonomous navigation capability; Simpedia™, a high-fidelity model-based dynamic physics simulation environment; NRV™, a state-of-the-art autonomous robot control system; and Vecna’s mobile, real-time NCBM biohazard detection system. Vecna Robotics is a division of Vecna Technologies, Inc. Learn more at Vecna Robotics