CTO to Speak at Military Robotics Conference

CAMBRIDGE, MA – Vecna’s CTO, Daniel Theobald, will speak on the current and future state-of-the-art in unmanned robotic systems and technology in military applications at the Military Robotics Conference.

As a leading military robotics R&D firm, Vecna aims to deliver cutting-edge technologies in autonomous ground robotics and small-scale hydraulic systems. Mr. Theobald’s speech will highlight Vecna’s ongoing work in these areas and the ways in which these technologies help the military in the field.

“Vecna’s mission is delivering the right technology at the right time into the hands of military end-users,” said Mr. Theobald. “Conferences like these provide an important opportunity for shared dialogue between developers and users to facilitate that goal, and Vecna looks forward to educating as well as learning from the various attendees.”

The conference is a convocation of industry experts, military stakeholders, government and academic researchers. These groups will examine recent technology developments, increase the community’s awareness of the Warfighter’s rapidly changing capability requirements, and establish a cohesive vision for the role of robots in future military applications. The conference will take place in Arlington, VA on June 9-10, 2011.