Vecna Medical Presents Patient Self-Service at Northeast Regional NAHAM Conference

Stamford, CT, – Deborah Theobald, CEO of Vecna Medical, spoke at the 2010 Northeast Regional NAHAM Conference to an audience of 70 healthcare professionals. Ms. Theobald, alongside Susan Adams, Director of Patient Financial Services at Ingalls Memorial Hospital, presented information about patient self-service and patient satisfaction. Ms. Theobald spoke about Vecna’s AHA endorsed self-service kiosks and portal solution and highlighted the products’ value proposition and satisfaction results. Adams provided a case study on Ingall’s self service initiative, which went live in January of 2009, and its impact on patient satisfaction. The presentation was well received by the audience. Ms. Theobald says “NAHAM brings together a highly engaged audience and it was exciting to share Vecna’s approach to self-service. Having Sue there to tell Ingalls’ story gave real insight to the future of registration and check-in, as well as its impact on patient satisfaction.”

About Vecna Medical

Vecna Medical is a driving force in innovative healthcare IT, leading the industry in patient self-service solutions and electronic infection surveillance solutions. Our clients include the Department of Veterans Affairs, US Department of Defense, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Johns Hopkins Hospital. Vecna Medical is a division of Vecna Technologies, Inc. Learn more at Vecna Medical