Vecna Medical Announces Kiosk Lite: Intelligent Queuing Software without Integration

CAMBRIDGE, MA – Vecna Medical introduces Kiosk Lite to an extensive family of patient self-service products. Kiosk Lite streamlines patient check-in without a full-scale systems integration.

Vecna presents hospitals with the option to modernize and improve check-in procedures without intensive IT support. The user-friendly patient workflow is both intelligent and customizable, accessed via Vecna’s award-winning touchscreen QC Kiosk™. The patient is able to identify himself and enter information about his visit. The software then forwards that information to only the clinics that the patient will visit on that day. At the clerk’s station, Intelligent Queue flat screen monitors and secure Patient Queue web portal display a real-time queue of the patients visiting their clinic. As the patient makes his way from the kiosk to the clinic, the staff is able to proactively prepare for his arrival.

“The beauty of Kiosk Lite is that medical centers now have the choice of implementing self-service technology without full scale integration,” says Will Locke, Product Manager. “Patients are receptive to the shortened check- in process and the simple implementation allows clerks to spend more time focusing on patients’ immediate needs and comfort.”

The Patient Portal also offers additional, highly configurable management functionality beyond the traditional appointment tracking software.

Kiosk Lite is a turn-key self-service solution for decreasing wait times, improving patient experience, and increasing administrative efficiency without placing the demands of EMR integration on hospital IT.