Vecna Medical and Cycom Canada Corporation Join Forces to Tackle Hospital–Acquired Infection in Canada

TORONTO, ON – Vecna Medical and Cycom Canada Corporation jointly presented Vecna’s QC PathFinder® electronic infection surveillance solution to an audience of healthcare professionals at Cycom’s 8th annual Healthcare Technology Fair in downtown Toronto. The Fair drew attendees from several hospitals in the Toronto area. “We are proud to partner with Vecna to support improved health in our community, and are thankful for the opportunity to be involved in the valuable work of Vecna Medical, ” said Al Leela, Cycom President. QC PathFinder® is a web-based, electronic infection surveillance solution that helps hospitals improve quality of care by preventing hospital-acquired infections (HAIs) through real-time data monitoring. To learn more about QC PathFinder® or to see a demo, please contact Eileen Peng.

About Cycom Canada Corporation

Cycom is a Scarborough, Ontario based IT service provider for the healthcare industry. Cycom is the leading IT expert on innovative technologies such as infection surveillance and patient self-service in the Canadian healthcare market.

About Vecna Medical

Vecna Medical is a driving force in innovative healthcare IT, leading the industry in patient self-service solutions and electronic infection surveillance solutions. Our clients include the Department of Veterans Affairs, US Department of Defense, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Johns Hopkins Hospital. Vecna Medical is a division of Vecna Technologies, Inc. Learn more about Vecna Medical. To read the related press release, click over to