Vecna Employees Salute Veteran Family Members

CAMBRIDGE, MA – In a recent survey of Vecna Medical’s employees, over thirty respondents confirmed a close family relation to a Veteran of the US Armed Forces. These employees’ family members have served in all branches of the military and in many armed conflicts over the last century. In honor of Veterans Day, four employees shared their family members’ stories and the impact that those stories have on their work with the Department of Veterans Affairs, one of Vecna’s customers.

A Pilot’s Bravery and Dignity

Natalie Quinn of Vecna’s marketing division grew up hearing from her relatives about her grandfather’s service as a B-17 pilot in the Army Air Corps during World War II. During one bombing mission, his plane was hit with anti-aircraft fire, forcing him to parachute from the plane into a wheat field in occupied France. He was missing in action for three months, during which time he made his way back to his base in England by way of Spain with the help of the French Resistance.

Natalie reminisces, “My grandfather rarely spoke about his years as a WW II pilot; nevertheless, learning about his experiences from my other family members has always helped me feel a deeper love for and connection to him.” She goes on to say, “My grandfather was very ill for the final 12 years of his life, but he suffered with great dignity. I admire the work that the VA does to afford Veterans everywhere that same dignity, and I love working at a company that enables the VA to perform this important service.”

A Radioman’s Lifetime of Skillful Service

Megan Kravitz, the granddaughter of a Korean War Veteran and a member of Vecna’s product development team, tells how her grandfather enlisted in the Navy in 1951. She relates, “He chose to serve for four years with the Navy rather than getting drafted.” Her grandfather became a Radioman 3rd Class. Megan reflects, “His experience in the Navy quickly gave my grandfather discipline and special technical communication skills that served him for his entire lifetime.”

Because of her close relationship with her grandfather, Megan states, “I am proud to work for a company that has developed groundbreaking integrative technology that is now serving Veterans in all priority groups and that is assisting those who dedicate their lives to serving these Veterans.”

A Sailor’s Heritage of Honor

Erin Gallagan, one of Vecna’s business analysts, shares this pride in Vecna’s partnership with the VA. Like Megan, she is the granddaughter of a Korean War Veteran. Erin explains, “My grandfather (Papa as he was known to me) was a proud member of the United States Navy and fought for our country during the Korean War. His patriotism and love for his country was strong, and he passed down these feelings to all eight of his grandchildren. Our grandfather was our hero, and he helped us realize the importance of our military and our Veterans.”

Her grandfather passed away in 2006. Erin adds, “I like to think that he would be proud of the work I am doing with Vecna. My grandfather taught me to always support our military, and I like to think that my work with Vecna is helping Veterans all across the country, every day. Traveling to different VA facilities and assisting Veterans gives me an opportunity to honor my grandfather.”

A Platoon Commander’s Legacy of Patriotism

Supporting the US military and developing sincere patriotism are two patterns Ted Quinn, VP of International Business, has observed in his family. Ted says, “My father was born on an Army base and was a second-generation Westpoint cadet. Upon his graduation in 1950, he was called up almost immediately to serve as a tank platoon commander in the Korean War. His experiences in the Army left an indelible impression upon him. To my father, Westpoint’s motto of ‘Duty, Honor, Country’ is not merely a statement but a way of life. He has passed on to his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren a deep reverence for our country and for those who have sacrificed to defend it.”

Because of this family sentiment, Ted finds Vecna’s partnership with the VA particularly meaningful. He reflects, “Through Vecna’s work with the Department of Veterans Affairs, I have gained an even deeper appreciation for the legacy of patriotism that my father has cultivated in his family. I also take pride in partnering with the VA to serve those who have served our country.”

Vecna Medical and the Department of Veterans Affairs

Vecna was selected in 2010 as the winner of the VA’s National Patient Kiosk Program contract. Through this contract Vecna’s patient registration technology will be rolled out to over 800 Veterans Administration medical centers (VAMCs) and community-based outpatient clinics (CBOCs) located in the US, the Caribbean, and the Pacific Rim. The project will extend through 2015. Vecna’s hardware is proudly assembled in the US. Learn more at