Vecna Cares Brings Smartphone Health Delivery Technology to Africa

NAIROBI, KENYA — Vecna Technologies’ software development engineers are teaming with the Vecna Cares Charitable Trust to bring advancements to medical records and eHealth in Kenya and Tanzania. Vecna delivered an additional set of Android–based smart phones to the Continuous Treatment and Care (CTC) Clinic at Mbagathis Hospital in Nairobi, Kenya in January. The cell phones will support the next phase of training for Community Health Workers (CHWs). These cell phones are equipped with user–friendly and intuitive application workflows which allow CHWs to record ailments and treatments of people living with HIV. The data gathered by the application will enable CHWs to keep accurate records for improved clinical care and more productive follow–up visits. Additionally, Vecna replaced the standard CliniPAK™ solar panel with a permanent solar panel at the Olereko clinic in Kenya. The larger and more robust solar panel will power not only the CliniPAK computers but also a vaccine refrigerator and electric lights for after–hours care. Vecna is currently working with the Zanzibar Ministry of Health (MoH) in Tanzania to define the scope of electronic medical records (EMRs) for implementation at the Mnazi Mmoja National Hospital. MoH and Vecna are working to align this project with the goals of the national eHealth Strategic Plan. The strategic plan pushes Tanzania toward adopting eHealth for providing access to information and telemedicine, and for improving data collection and public health surveillance through EMRs. By taking these measures, the eHealth Strategic Plan seeks to advance medicine, research and, ultimately, care.

About Vecna Cares Charitable Trust

Vecna Cares Charitable Trust was established with the mission to build strong and healthy communities by improving access, quality, prevention, and critical needs of healthcare programs especially for resource-poor, rural and under-served populations. Learn more at the Vecna’s community page.

About Vecna Medical

Vecna Medical is the driving force in innovative healthcare IT, leading the industry in patient self-service solutions and electronic infection surveillance solutions. Our clients include the Department of Veterans Affairs, US Department of Defense, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Johns Hopkins Hospital. Vecna Medical is a division of Vecna Technologies Inc. Learn more at Vecna Medical.