Vecna Cares Brings Mobile Health Solutions to Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya, – Vecna Cares Charitable Trust, an extension of Vecna Medical, launched a project in Nairobi, Kenya to bring updated reporting solutions to local health clinics via mobile health technology. The work is being done in conjunction with the University of Pennsylvania and is funded through the National Institutes of Health. The technology that Vecna introduced to the Mbagathi HIV Clinic outside of Nairobi operates through an HTC smartphone application that is based on the Android platform. The application captures patient data as recorded by the Community Health Workers conducting home visits. Based on input of patient information, the application recommends actions for the HIV patient to take and also sends the information back to the clinic to be added to the patient record. Prior to this technology, the Mbagathi Clinic had no digitized record system and no procedure for reporting data. The Community Health Workers would visit the Clinic and pick up a list of patients throughout the community and then visit each patient on the list. However, the collected information would never return to the Clinic, therefore leaving each subsequent Community Health Worker without patient history and thus substantial guesswork. This guesswork, in turn, put the patients at risk. With Vecna’s mobile health solution, Community Health Workers are able to close the gap in record-keeping and also increase the quality of life for people living with HIV.

About Vecna Cares Charitable Trust

Vecna Cares Charitable Trust was established with the mission to build strong and healthy communities by improving access, quality, prevention, and critical needs of healthcare programs especially for resource-poor, rural and under-served populations. Learn more at Vecna’s Community Page