Vecna Announces Tracking Outbreak of H1N1 North American ‘Swine’ Flu

Vecna announces it is tracking the outbreak of H1N1 North American ‘swine’ flu, using enterprise bioinformatics methods. With new geolocation methods to gather public health information from the CDC, WHO, and public records, the clinical sciences team is now able to display influenza cases in real time as they are isolated, in a browser based mapping system built for, the Influenza Bioinformatics Resource Project. The goal of the work of Drs. Al Ramsey and Christopher Larsen with Northrop Grumman is tracking individual flu isolates across geopolitical boundaries, to HIPAA compliant latitude and longitude, using modern epidemiology and software tools. This can allow estimation of public health impact, predict the number of cases, enable management of outbreak routes, optimal therapy shipping, and serve as a basis for determining the factors that manifest themselves from pathogenic viral features. Vecna will continue to analyze the virus in detail as it spreads and wanes, using these new geolocation tools.