Vecna acquires VGo: Expands Portfolio of Robotics Solutions

Vecna Robot Family

Vecna Technologies, Inc, a leader in robotic logistics and innovative IT healthcare solutions, announced that it has acquired VGo Communications, Inc, the leader in robotic telepresence solutions for healthcare, education and business.

“Vecna and VGo’s missions are highly aligned. We believe robots can enhance the quality of life for people everywhere,” said Daniel Theobald, Vecna’s Co-Founder and CTO. “VGo brings a great product and a large satisfied customer base which is complimentary to Vecna’s existing product installations in over 500 sites worldwide. Customers from both companies will benefit from adding VGo to Vecna’s industry leading portfolio of solutions with applications in healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, distribution, and education. Vecna and VGo have been partners for years and with this acquisition are positioned to have a major impact in the market.”

VGo’s President and CEO Peter N. Vicars said, “Like Vecna, VGo’s mission has been to empower people through robotics. We connect people across great distances, just as if they were there. VGo is extremely pleased about the expansion of the product line and the tremendous opportunities that the merged company is poised to capture.”

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