TMA HIPAA Electronic Standards Support

The TRICARE Management Activity (TMA) Strategic Planning, Enterprise Architecture, and Requirements (SPEAR) Division has awarded Vecna Technologies, Inc., a contract to support Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Electronic Standards Program Coordination. Vecna will be working with AXIOM Resources to assist in overall program and task coordination; analyzing, developing and implementing requirements; and tracking compliance with the HIPAA mandated electronic standards. In addition, the Vecna/AXIOM team will provide analysis and coordination of the tasks and activities required to achieve compliance with the electronic standards requirements of HIPAA and HHS and achieve business process improvements and simplification. Vecna is honored to assist the Deputy Director, Requirements Design Management to simplify the MHS and TRICARE business by implementing the HIPAA electronic standards, code sets and identifiers. Please direct inquiries regarding this vehicle to Vecna’s Federal Program Director, Rob Lecker. (703) 998-5333