Software Engineers Guest Lecture at MIT

On Thursday, January 17th 2013, members of Vecna’s product development team guest lectured for MIT 6.470, an IAP (Independent Activities Period) Web Programming Competition. The lecture, entitled “From Web to Web Applications”, explored the steps required to build a technology stack and to develop a user-centric interface.

In its 5th year running, 6.470 is a student managed competition at MIT aimed at teaching its student participants how to build a database backed website through workshop-style classes, guest lectures, and open office hours. Students may program individually or in a team, and the stakes are high for both beginners and experts – over $30,000 in prizes are awarded.

Ben Bau, Vecna’s VP of Software Engineering, gave a fresh perspective on the evolution of web applications, and discussed the decision-making process in choosing a technology stack. Oleg Golberg, Chief Architect for Patient Self-Service Products, focused on the practical considerations for going from database to end-user. Finally, Savic Rasovic, Lead UI/UX Designer, closed the presentation with an in depth review of design principles, Vecna’s design standards and their usage in web applications.

In addition to his contributions to the lecture series, Ben Bau will serve on the 6.470 IAP competition judge’s panel. Daniel Theobald, Vecna’s CTO, will speak at the award ceremony, and will congratulate the reigning champions at the Winner’s Luncheon in early February.