Robot road race helps save lives

MIT Slice

When Daniel Theobald ’95, SM ’98 and Deborah Noel Theobald ’95 founded their company Vecna Technologies they knew that it had to somehow involve robots, technology, healthcare, and strive to take good care of the world. After 17 years, they’ve managed to achieve all of this and that commitment literally hit the road in April when they put on a 5K and robot race to help raise money for their newest non-profit venture.

Their company, Vecna Technologies, first began in 1998 out of the couple’s home in College Park, MD. At the time, the Internet was a burgeoning technology and many of their peers were taking advantage of that. Their vision was much bigger than the get-rich-quick opportunities that many were chasing, says Deborah. “We wanted to build a platform that could really be the launching point for taking technology and doing something good.”

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