QC Bot™ One Robot. Many Uses.™ — QC Bot Version 2.0 Draws Crowd at HIMSS 2011 Conference

CAMBRIDGE, MA — Vecna Medical’s latest version of QC Bot generated a lot of buzz at the HIMSS11 Healthcare IT Conference in Orlando, FL early this month. The unique robot attracted interested hospital attendees over the course of the show. QC Bot Version 2.0 is the first robot of its kind to truly focus on the needs of patients by combining automated delivery, patient self–service, and the latest in telepresent interaction with physicians and staff. Unlike any other delivery robots on the market today, QC Bot is a versatile, zero–infrastructure mobile solution that leverages the advantages of process automation throughout the entire patient experience. QC Bot seamlessly integrates with existing workflows and transforms hospital operations by automating time–consuming and manual tasks such as patient check–in and registration, as well as medication and supplies delivery. For more information on QC Bot, please contact Vecna.

About Vecna Medical

Vecna Medical is the driving force in innovative healthcare IT, leading the industry in patient self-service solutions and electronic infection surveillance solutions. Our clients include the Department of Veterans Affairs, US Department of Defense, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Johns Hopkins Hospital. Vecna Medical is a division of Vecna Technologies Inc. Learn more at Vecna Medical.