Northrop Grumman Information Systems Honors Vecna with 2012 Annual Suppliers Excellence Award

CAMBRIDGE, MA – Northrop Grumman Information Systems (NGIS) selected Vecna as the recipient of the prestigious 2012 Annual Supplier Excellence Awards. Vecna is one of 26 honorees selected from a pool of over 6,000 active suppliers.

“Working with Northrop Grumman and the whole team on these projects for so many years has been extremely fruitful and interesting,” said Dr. Christopher Larsen, Senior Scientist on the project. “We’re pleased to have such fine colleagues at NGIS and always look forward to working with them to solve problems involving microbial surveillance, bioinformatics algorithm development, scientific and technical consulting, and project development.”

Each supplier was nominated by a sponsoring NGIS Division General Manager and was evaluated in five areas: schedule, management, technical performance, financial performance, and quality of work. Vecna has worked with NGIS since 2005, performing collaborative scientific research and technical development on the NIAID BioHealthBase, Virus Pathogen Resource (ViPR) Database and Influenza Research Database (IRD) projects. Both projects are funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

Dr. Alvin Ramsey, Vecna’s Director of Product R&D, has been one of the Vecna team members involved with the ViPR and IRD projects. After receiving news of the honor, he said, “It is a pleasure to work with outstanding partners like NGIS as we perform this important research on influenza and other viral pathogens.” Dr. Ramsey then added, “We are proud to contribute to these databases because we know that they enable technological advances and care improvements while increasing the capacity for infection surveillance in the public health sector.”

This year’s awards ceremony will be hosted by NGIS Sector President Linda Mills at the Westfields Marriott in Chantilly, VA, on November 15. Representatives from each of the 26 selected companies as well as from NGIS will be in attendance.

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