New Mexico Orthopaedics Chooses Vecna’s Patient Self-Service Solutions

CAMBRIDGE, MA – Located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, the New Mexico Orthopaedics (NMO) group provides specialized care and rehabilitation for musculoskeletal injuries and pain. NMO is currently undergoing what James D. Jones, Director of Healthcare Information Systems, has called “a major systems transformation.”

This transformation includes significant changes to the organization’s IT systems architecture, business processes, and physical facilities. To complete this transformation, NMO has selected Vecna Medical’s patient self-service products to enable increased patient access. Jones observes that during the vendor selection process, “it quickly became clear that Vecna offered a complete package and was exactly what we’ve been searching for.”

Jones explains how NMO’s specific objectives informed their decision to select Vecna as a solutions vendor: “During the evaluation process our primary focus was on the ease of use for our end users. Just about every vendor out there can address the requirements of meaningful use, but what we were looking for was a system that could figuratively hold the hand of patients and guide them through the process from start to finish without training or help from staff . . . Vecna was the only vendor that could deliver on this desired system design.”

In addition to usability, Jones notes that versatility was a primary deciding factor in NMO’s selection of Vecna’s solution. “The user interface of Vecna’s product is very intuitive and simple-looking, yet the back-end is full-featured and incredibly customizable. Every healthcare specialty is going to have its own set of system requirements, and Vecna has proven that it understands this complexity and is more than willing to make the necessary customizations to accommodate these needs.”

John Donnell, Business Development Manager for Vecna’s healthcare solutions, echoes Jones’s enthusiasm about the new partnership: “Vecna Medical is pleased to announce its partnership with NMO because their commitment to providing patients with tools and accessibility parallels our vision for the future of healthcare. We at Vecna look forward to a long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationship with NMO.”