Nantes Digital Week

By Magali Grandet, Ouest-France

Wednesday is Robotic Day, a day dedicated to robots in La Cité des Congrès. In Nantes CHU, since 2014, two smart machines have been carrying medical material.

In La Cité des Congrès this Wednesday, you will be able to enjoy the most diverse applications of robotics during the 2nd Robotic Day. You will be able to test around 40 humanoids, industrial, play or cleaning robots, as an exhibition of the local and national skills.

In Nantes CHU, two robots have been carrying material from one floor to the other since 2014.

Here is our video report on Betty, in the hospital hallways.

“The robots are here to help with the transportation of the endoscopes that were assigned to several sites, whether in consultation or in operating theatres. Transportation made by humans are completed with robots, called smart robots, because they are able to carry clean endoscopes, and bring back used ones in our center, using a pre-programmed path, in the hallways, taking elevators, and sharing the space with patients or visitors. These two robots are americans. A company, called Vecna, based in Boston, programmed the routes and brought the robots in Nantes. We called them Betty and Daisy,” said Pr Didier Lepelletier, endoscopes center supervisor.

“It is so handy to have her around. When we need her, we just call her and she comes. She doesn’t work during the week ends, but it is true that we are kind of used to having Betty. She comes, she carries our endoscopes,” said Sandrine, a nurse’s aid in intensive care.