KREX TV Airs Veteran Response to VetLink Registration Kiosks

News Channel 5 of Grand Junction, Colorado showcased VetLink, the Veteran’s Administration’s onsite registration solution. Veterans who were interviewed at Grand Junction’s Veteran’s Administration Medical Center commented on how simple the system is to learn and operate. The system is keeping the VA current with healthcare trends across country. VetLink is powered by Vecna’s Patient Information Exchange and is deployed to VA Medical Centers and Community Based Outreach Centers Nationwide.

Officials say Grand Junction is one of the last facilities to get this software installed.

Veterans using this new software say it’s very simple to use.

“Well, for the first time [using the kiosks], and with my vision and trying to look at things in the right way; now this is me, it may not be for everybody. But it was very easy,” said veteran Earnest Gregory.

“There is a privacy screen so that you can only see the information on the kiosk from a certain angle. There’s a proximity sensor that’s built right in the kiosk. If the veteran walks away from the kiosk, it will count down and it will exit them from the system itself,” said Vecna Medical Technologies trainer Rey Francisco.

Installers also plan on upgrading the software so patients have access to all of their medical records.

As of right now, these kiosks are only used for primary care appointments.

However, officials plan on upgrading the access for all medical fields.