Going with the flow: BCH is leveraging kiosks to streamline processes

Boulder Community Health

In the fall of 2014, Boulder Community Health (BCH) in Colorado consolidated the majority of its inpatient acute care operations into one location. As part of this process, BCH created a centralized registration area for all hospital services, which includes outpatient lab and imaging as well as all inpatient services. Given the anticipated increase in daily patient registrations, the hospital implemented a patient queuing system to streamline flow.

Over a three-year planning period, BCH used Lean Six Sigma process improvement principles to optimize flow, eliminate waste, create standard work, and ultimately select a technology to serve its patients better. We received input from many areas: the emergency department, lab, imaging, surgery, patients, families, physicians and visitors. The key stakeholders from the staff gave the design needs to the architect, and also helped select the technology to appropriately triage the high volume of patients. Using many Lean tools, we identified how many and what type of patients were to come daily. We also looked at the skills needed to serve them and how many registrars would be required. Finally, we evaluated the amount of time it would take to register, and calculated wait time thresholds to best serve their patients.

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