Fox News Reports on the Bear™

Fox News interviews Vecna President Daniel Theobald about the Bear. To watch the video, Click Here The Bear is the world’s most powerful human sized robot. Originally conceived to rescue wounded personnel from the battlefield, the military soon noted that a robot capable of lifting and carrying up to 500 pounds could also be used for numerous other applications. From logistics (loading and unloading trucks) to assisting with chem/bio detection and IED handling, the Bear could be used to help military personnel perform many important and often dangerous tasks. Bear has the power and balance to maneuver from a crouched position to a standing position. At over 6 feet tall it can reach high objects, and see over obstacles. Bear has an ultra-efficient hydraulic power system that gives it extraordinary strength and allows it to move quickly and quietly, all while running on a rechargeable batteries with several hours of run-time. Bear has impressive hands, too. They are dexterous and strong, with each finger capable of lifting 100 pounds, while being able to sense forces as small as a few ounces. Bear is able to perform many tasks with little to no operator input. The Bear is currently in late-stage R&D and could be fielded within 2 to 4 years.