First stop road race, next stop NASA

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MIT Robotics Team rover competes against 22 machines in a robot race to support alumna-founded global health organization Vecna Cares.

What does the MIT Robotics Team do on a lovely spring Sunday? Compete in a robot race, of course.

The race in question was a fundraiser for Vecna Cares, a nonprofit founded by Deborah Theobald ’95. The global healthcare organization offers hardware and software solutions to underserved areas and developing countries as well as underfunded clinics in the U.S.

The race on April 12 took place in West Cambridge, Massachusetts, and included a human 5-kilometer run and robot 100-meter dash. With more than 200 runners and 25 robots, the event was a huge success. Participants included local robotics companies, hobbyists, kids, and students from several colleges including the MIT Robotics Team.

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