Dr. Martin Buehler Named as 2012 Recipient of the Joseph F. Engelberger Award in Technology

CAMBRIDGE, MA – In mid-June, the Robotics Industry Association (RIA) announced that Dr. Martin Buehler, VP of Logistics Solutions for Vecna Technologies, Inc., will receive the 2012 Engelberger Technology Award. Dr. Buehler will be honored at an awards presentation and gala dinner during the International Symposium on Robotics scheduled to occur in Taipei, Taiwan, in late August.

This prestigious international award is only presented every three years to one recipient. Named for Joseph F. Engelberger, who founded Unimation, Inc., and who is considered the father of the modern robotics industry, the award recognizes “excellence in technology development, application, education, and leadership” in the field of robotics. [1] Honorees receive a monetary reward and a commemorative medallion, which reads, “Contributing to the advancement of the science of robotics in the service of mankind.”

Dr. Martin Buehler accepts the 2012 Engelberger Award

Dr. Martin Buehler accepted the Engelberger Award in Taipei, Taiwan, on August 30, 2012.

Upon hearing that he would receive this honor, Dr. Buehler commented, “Receiving the 2012 Joseph F. Engelberger Award in Technology will be the greatest recognition and honor of my professional career. I am deeply humbled to have been selected among all the worthy nominees for this prestigious award.” He went on to reflect on the award’s significance. Acknowledging the award’s commemoration of modern robotics, Dr. Buehler added, “[This award] reminds me of our community’s past achievements and, more importantly, our duty to improve people’s lives with robotics.”

During his distinguished career, Dr. Buehler has shared his wealth of robotics knowledge in both the commercial and academic sectors. After completing his graduate work at Yale University, Dr. Buehler became a professor at McGill University, where he worked for 12 years. He subsequently became Director of Robotics at Boston Dynamics and then Director of Research at iRobot Corporation. He is now the VP of Logistics Solutions at Vecna Technologies.

For more information on this year’s recipients, please see this press release by the Robotic Industries Association.


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