Discovery Channel Canada covers robot race guts and glory

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On Sunday April 12, 2015, runners and racers hit the streets – and so did robots. The Daily Planet Discovery Channel Canada attended VecnaCares’ robot race and captured the race’s guts and glory.

The race had a few wrenches thrown in: the course was designed with obstacles; the rules included a relay requiring robot contenders to pick up and carry a cup over the finish line; and if the robot was above a certain kinetic energy and weight, it required an onboard killswitch.

The race, put on by VecnaCares, welcomed hobbyists, students, educators, and corporations to participate. Participants included Worcester Polytechnic Institutes, VGo and iRobot. VecnaCares is a charitable organization that puts technology in the hands of healthcare providers around the world.

Watch the Discovery Channel episode here.