CTO Daniel Theobald to Participate in WGBH Innovation Hub, September 27

BOSTON, MA – WGBH’s Innovation Hub brings together industry leaders to talk about the solutions they’re creating to address some of society’s toughest challenges. On September 27th, Chief Technology Officer, Daniel Theobald will serve as one of four select panelists for the presentation, entitled “The New Economy: How Automation Is Changing the Game.”  Theobald will discuss Vecna’s approach to solving challenges in the field of healthcare. He will also unveil the latest addition to Vecna’s product line: a rapid palletizing robot for use in industrial applications.

Theobald will be joined by Willy Shih of Harvard Business School, author Andrew McAfee, and MIT Professor Emeritus and Founder of Rethink Robotics Rodney Brooks. The panel will discuss the latest in automation technology and how advances in this technology affect employment and business.

The event will be available as a podcast. For more information and tickets to the panel, which will be held at Suffolk University’s Modern Theatre, please visit WGBH News.