Centre Hospitalier of Beauvais Deploys QC Bot Pilot

CAMBRIDGE, MA – In January 2012, Vecna and SwissEnoV entered into an agreement with the Centre Hospitalier of Beauvais (CHB) to launch the first QC Bot pilot in Europe. The purpose of this pilot was to measure the impact of the robot on CHB’s daily pharmacy supply chain logistics.

The QC Bot, christened “Diane” by hospital staff, was integrated into the hospital’s existing infrastructure over two weeks. During this time, the robot assumed responsibility for all medication deliveries from the pharmacy to the Oncology/Hematology department and the Day Hospital, the facility’s outpatient treatment clinic.

Staff and executives at CHB declared the six-week pilot a decisive success.“The QC Bot was perfect for the secure transportation of chemotherapy doses between the pharmacy and hematology,” said Bruno Lavaire, the Chief Information Officer of CHB. “The robot was safe and reliable. Hospital staff enjoyed how easily the robot fit into their workflows and appreciated the automation of the transport function of the organization. Based on our experience and estimates, we anticipate a good ROI, between 18 and 24 months. With the success of our early implementation, CHB is planning to deploy the robots as their logistics solution and is looking into other processes to move onto the QC Bot platform.”

“Vecna is excited to partner with Centre Hospitalier de Beauvais in deploying QC Bot for a range of pharmacy and general courier functions,” said Ted Quinn, Vecna’s Vice President of International Business. “CHB has been a leader in thinking about how automation can impact clinical workflows to improve care and provider support. We welcome the opportunity to explore how robotics can impact the healthcare sector across Europe.”

The QC Bot pilot at CHB is the first of many such programs designed to demonstrate the robot’s potential for improving logistics and cutting costs at various facilities throughout Europe. A second pilot is currently underway at Montpellier Hospital, and a third pilot in Strasbourg will kick off later this year.