Vecna was founded on the idea that people matter, and that businesses can be profitable, ethical, and socially responsible.  The company motto “Better Technology, Better World”, reflects our philosophy that impact is the yard stick by which we measure success. Founded in 1998 by a consortium of MIT engineers, Vecna remains a profitable, privately-funded company.  The company has grown to include an extensive network of global partners. We proudly manufacture our products in Massachusetts.

Our mission is to empower humanity through transformative technology. Vecna provides technology solutions for hundreds of customers worldwide in the fields of healthcare, education, business, government, material handling, and beyond.


Vecna uses technology developed by its innovation center, Vecna Labs, to build intelligent solutions for all industries. Vecna Labs balances cutting-edge development with a strong record of commercialization. An elite team of multidisciplinary scientists and engineers, Vecna Labs develops technologies that automate processes for better business, healthcare and customer service practices; revolutionize manufacturing and distribution processes and technologies; and accelerate new products to market.


Vecna encourages employees to devote up to 10% of their time supporting community service missions. Since 1998, Vecna has completed more than 50,000 hours of community service.

VecnaCares, our charitable arm, is dedicated to improving health outcomes and access to quality care around the world.  Through a unique business model with Vecna, VecnaCares provides public health initiatives with world-class IT solutions, best practices, training, and support for better patient care.


The name ‘Vecna’ is derived from the Czech word věčný, fem. věčná, meaning ‘eternal’. Our company and products are built to last.

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