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VGo awarded Innovative Technology of the Year


Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council honored Vecna with two awards at its 18th annual Technology Leadership Gala. The Distinguished Leadership Award was presented to Debbie Theobald, VecnaCares, and all of VecnaCares’ volunteers. The second award recognized VGo for Innovative Technology of the Year in the Robotics category. Read the full story.

Special Delivery

Vecna’s® robotic logistics solutions are a family of autonomous mobile robots, built to operate within human-centric environments. These hard-working robots are capable of handling up to 4500 kg while rapidly and safely responding to dynamic environments. In addition, these free agents are team players – they coordinate on their own and report problems as soon as they arise. This team of robots is prepared to take on logistics tasks in healthcare, fulfillment, manufacturing, warehousing, hospitality, and beyond.


Explore our full line of Robotic Logistics Solutions.


QC Pod

QC Bot

QC Tugger

Rapid Palletizing Robot (RPR)

Rapid Palletizing Robot Driver
length 38cm 61cm 117cm 150cm 229cm 229cm
width 36cm 56cm 58cm 58cm 85cm 85cm
height 122cm 114cm 117cm 165cm 99cm 99cm
load capacity 5kg 50kg 500kg 500kg 2000kg 2000kg
towing capacity n/a n/a n/a 1500kg 4500kg 4500kg
speed 1m/s 2m/s 2m/s 2m/s 3m/s 3m/s



Transport materials securely, quickly, safely, and without expensive infrastructure changes.

Pharmacy: Give back time to staff and deliver medications from pharmacy to clinic to reduce shrinkage and provide chain of custody.

Laboratory: Transport specimens safely and securely throughout the facility and lab without the use of pneumatic tubes.

Central Sterilization: Safely and quickly process your surgical equipment to maximize scheduling opportunities.

Housekeeping: Automate laundry service by scheduling linen drop off and pick up throughout the facility.

Nutrition: Free up staff to focus on the patient experience, while ensuring hot meals are still hot by the time they get to your patients.

Central Supply: Maintain a lean inventory in-clinic to optimize space utilization.

Facilities: Extend your staff with an extra helper that goes where people go and works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


RLS for Warehousing

These robotics logistics solutions provide reliable transportation for goods up to 3200 lbs., increasing throughput, reducing the risk of error and improving worker safety. Maximize operational efficiency by managing non-conveyables and incompatibles with on-demand automation.


QCBot for Manufacturing

Improve your process flow through flexible infrastructure. Rapidly reconfigure your production line without the expense of changing track systems, conveyor belts and other fixed assets. Keep quality high and assembly staff focused by automating material transport between stock room, assembly, test, and packaging.

QCBot Touchscreen


The QC Bot has an onboard touchscreen user interface that allows for easy command and control of the robot.

QCBot Configurable Payloads

Configurable Payloads

Carry material in integrated access-controlled drawers, modular cabinets, or your existing carts.

QCBot User Authentication

User Authentication

The robot supports user authentication through RFID reader, barcode scanner, magnetic stripe reader and biometric palm vein scanning.

QCBot Chain of Custody

Chain of Custody

Barcode reader ensures asset tracking through chain of custody of onboard materials.

QCBot Facility Integration

Facility Integration

The robot navigates through unstructured environments, commanding doors and elevators via wireless signals. It needs no tracks, lines, or mirrors for navigation.

QCbot Availability


The QC Bot has 24/7 capability. It docks itself at the end of its shift, and additional docks can be placed throughout the facility to provide opportunistic charging for constant availability.


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