Patient Information Exchange

Patient Information Exchange

Vecna’s® Patient Information Exchange platform is a powerful suite of solutions that work to help healthcare organizations streamline operations and achieve Meaningful Use. This solution connects with all native and legacy information systems and is configurable to meet your organization’s unique needs. While each of our solutions can stand alone, they are even better together.



Vecna’s Pre-Registration solution provides tremendous time savings for patients while at the medical facility. Patients can access and verify their demographics information to assist with achieving Meaningful Use requirements, register for appointments, and complete intake questionnaires anytime, with any mobile device. Patients can also make payments on both estimates and past-due balances – which reduces bad debt for healthcare organizations and saves patients valuable time at the medical facility.

On-site Registration

On-site Registration

The On-Site Registration solution decreases patient wait-times, reduces paperwork, and improves overall patient satisfaction. Patients can update their own demographics information to help achieve Meaningful Use, and also pay bills to reduce an organization’s bad debt. When used with our Pre-Registration solution, patients can print a “boarding pass” for express check-in, decreasing wait times from 20 to 2 minutes.

Patient Queuing

Patient Queuing

The Patient Queuing solution is more than just a ticket dispenser. With Patient Queuing, staff can prioritize flow based on urgency or wait time, and can summon patients through clear visual and/or audible cues. The visual displays can also be used to show advertisements and patient education throughout areas of high traffic, ensuring that patients receive important information.

Forms and Surveys

Surveys and Forms

The Surveys and Forms tool has been used for patient questionnaires in clinical research, expediting clinical intake, and gathering patient satisfaction feedback. The Survey module for clinical intake assists in gathering information around chief complaint and History of Present Illness, and populates the EHR with that information directly. It also provides a solution to electronically deliver surveys to patients both at home and during check out to enable faster patient responses for real-time action toward improving the patient experience.


Clinical Messaging

Vecna’s Clinical Messaging offers patients and proxies access to a complete summary of medications, procedures, and results from each office visit. It also provides the unique ability to securely email a provider in reference to a specific lab result, allergy, or any aspect of their PHI without having to open a new window or tab. This differentiates the Clinical Messaging tool from portal solutions currently on the market.

Data Visualization

Data Warehouse

The Data Warehouse and business intelligence solution provides visualizations for the Patient Information Exchange. This allows organizations to create reports on patient traffic, such as time spent registering, and also to benchmark usage. By pulling from existing information systems, organizations are able to understand how patients interact with the solution at a granular level to optimize workflows and identify areas for improvement.



QC Pathfinder

“Our epidemiologist frequently asks for reports that used to take hours or even days to compile manually. With QC PathFinder, I can generate these reports in seconds.”

Infection Control Practitioner, Lancaster General Hospital

QC PathFinder supports and enhances infection prevention initiatives in individual hospitals and multi-facility health systems across the country. Users access QC PathFinder on web-enabled devices. This allows IPs, nurses, pharmacists, and doctors to receive alerts and get information on their tablets and smart phones as they go about their normal routines. Reports that used to take hours to create now can be generated in seconds.

Save Time

  • Customers have cut time spent on data analysis by half.
  • Alert users of customized reports, outbreak and MDRO detection, or restricted drug use.
  • Generate surgical denominator data NHSN, among many others.

Save Money

  • Reduce antibiotic spend by 22%-36%
  • Customers have saved $300,000+ annually

Save Lives

  • Avoided 8 HAI-related deaths per year.
  • Decreased infection rates by 61%
  • Increased surveillance capabilities 3 fold.



Utlilizing QC PathFinder to track and report on infection prevention initiatives have saved healthcare facilitates $300,000+ annually.


Healthcare organizations have decreased infection rates by 61% in the first year of implementing QC Pathfinder.


QC Pathfinder helps to increase surveillance capabilities 3 fold, resulting in a decrease of HAI-related deaths within the first year of implementation.


With QC PathFinder’s comprehensive functionality, hospitals and healthcare facilities can drive infections to zero and transform their real-time data into real-life results.