Vecna is committed to providing the best benefits in the industry so the team can enjoy a well-rounded lifestyle, great health, and security for the future.

Profit Sharing

At Vecna, we believe that employees should be rewarded for the company’s success. An aggressive profit sharing program distributes the company’s profits to the employees twice a year.


Vecna provides a generous and comprehensive medical plan and Health Reimbursement Account (HRA). Vecna pays 100% of the family premium for PPO family dental, medical and prescription. Coverage begins on the first day of employment.


Vecna’s 401k program is an effective way for employees to save for retirement. Vecna matches dollar for dollar on the first 3% of salary contributed by employees, and 50% on the next 2%. Enrollment is offered to all Vecna team members on the first day of employment.



Extreme Flextime

Employer-funded HRA card

Free T-pass

Life Insurance

Referral Bonus

Tuition Reimbursement

Health Incentive Program


Talented professionals and great people are everywhere. If someone you know would be a good fit for Vecna, refer them, and you will be eligible to receive $4,000.


To be eligible for the referral bonus, your referred candidate must never have applied to Vecna. If you are issued a code and a referred candidate is found to have applied in the past, you will be notified and unable to claim the bonus. Division Heads, Role Managers, and Team Leads may refer candidates to Vecna, but will be ineligible to collect the bonus for candidates chosen for their own team.

Members of the recruiting assistance team will be ineligible to claim a bonus for a referred candidate they have interviewed. Members of the Talent Acquisition team are ineligible for the referral bonus. All bonus claims are subject to review before being awarded.

Referral Procedure

To collect $4,000 referral bonus, follow this procedure:

  • Email to refer the candidate before the candidate applies. Include the full name of the referrer and the referred.

  • You will receive a referral code. The number will be given only once.

  • The referred candidate applies and includes the referral code in his/her application.

  • Follow up with and include your referral code six months after the referred employee’s start date. Bonuses cannot be claimed without the code. Bonuses are only awarded for referring full-time, salaried employees.

  • Non-employee referrers will receive a check for $4,000; Vecna employees will receive a $4,000 bonus added to the next paycheck.


Vecna believes that a company can be successful and ethical. To truly create better technology for a better world, we rely upon the following principles.

  • Al, Director of Product R&D

    After getting degrees from both MIT and Berkeley, I was looking for a place to do world-class research. What I found at Vecna was some of the most exciting research I have seen anywhere. Unlike a university lab, the result is real-world impact, not just papers.

  • Amanda, Director of Marketing and Communications

    Vecna is more than a great technology company; it's a great community.

  • Dan, Manufacturing

    Help shape our products for the future.

  • Amy, Accounts Payable

    Industry-leading products, talented people in a creative environment, great benefits, and a flexible schedule make Vecna the best company I have ever worked for.

  • Andrew, Mechanical Engineer

    I am continually amazed by the outstanding technical skills of my coworkers and the complexity of problems that we solve as a team.


If we are going to do something, we are going to do it better than any other company. Our employees share this passion and are the best at what they do. We count on our team members to be experts in their fields and to deliver superior results.


We are committed to conducting business with integrity, and we trust each other to do the right thing for the team and for our customers. This camaraderie creates an engaging and exciting environment that supports superior work and performance.


Customer service and community service are top priorities at Vecna. We not only take pride in meeting our customers’ needs but also encourage and pay employees to spend up to 10% of work time contributing to projects that are making a real difference worldwide.

Positive Outlook

We are passionate about our work, and we’re always looking for others who share this enthusiasm. Problem solvers with great attitudes and an eagerness to excel contribute to Vecna’s continual improvement and ongoing success.

Financial Responsibility

Vecna has no debt and no outside investors. This independence allows us to prioritize the best interests of our customers and employees. Our guiding financial principle of spending less than we earn provides security for the whole team.

Better World

We believe that the proper application of technology can make a positive difference in the world. Many companies seek to make money while providing no real value to the world; in contrast, we seek to leave the world better than we found it. Come help us.